Time to go again

Author: sgeorge, Posted on: 12 August 2018 16:14

Been a while hasn't it? Never fear, new revisions of all boards are going to the fab, I'm spending my weekend checking gerbers and double checking layouts.

So the redesign architecture is looking like;

  • Raspberry PI RS-485 interface board
  • Switch board (128 switches)
  • Light board (controls 64 individual RGB LED's)
  • Driver board (32 solenoids)

The biggest change from the last revision is to decouple the switch board and the master pic32, which is gone, the switch board is nothing but switches now. All control is done from the Raspberry PI.

Since its no longer the 'master' control board, a lot of the associated circuitry has also been removed and simplified.

This means that all rules code can now be done on the PI in whatever language the user wants as long as it can talk to the UART. It also means than switches are no longer 'direct', and now must be sent over the wire back to the PI on request.

tags: Design, PCB


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