Author: sgeorge, Posted on: 14 August 2016 16:41

Its been so long, I need to refocus everything I was doing, try and figure out what I was up to and reboot from there.

In that vein, I have pulled all my schematics and code back out to see what was what, I have itereated most of the PCB designs with testing notes from my last round of testing.

I've altered the main design, which originally had games rules in C on the PIC32 master board which talked to all the others. I've since shifted to moving all the rules to the PI, and the master board has turned into nothing but a switch control board that sends messages to the PI.

Doing this let me 'cost reduce' the master board down and remove all superfluous componentry.

I left the RS485 setup as before, so its still the first board in the chain, its just now not in control of the bus directly.

tags: Design, PCB


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